Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Moody Weekend

It was a very moody weekend, for no reason, without any reason, don't ask me why.

Alright, I realized that it's not good at all to stay in my room for most of the time, especially during my precious weekends/holidays.

The more i stayed in my room, the more unnecessary/ uncalled stuffs came into my mind. I felt lonely, being neglected. I hate that, nobody likes that. It did remind me of the person who i have decided to let go, at least I'm trying to let go now. Don't urge me, you should know it does take time, don't you?

It was 5 in the morning, I was walking alone..(evil: was that photographer a ghost?) Guess where did I take this?

I need a camera, one of the unnecessary stuffs which came into my mind. I need it, badly. Haha. I have some friends, who like to take lots of picture, lots of memorable pictures.

I've been thinking to get one since centuries ago. I'm trying so hard to save every single coin in my private "piggy bank". OMG! You should know how tough could it be, for a wise spender like me. I admit that.

Anyway, I like to take pictures anytime, anywhere, anything, whenever I'm with the cutest people in the world, although I'm not an expert photographer. I believe that pictures do tell stories, do you believe?


月石 said...













aaronng88 said...

that is midvalley? hahaa~ yeah! good to camwhore =p reminds us of the good and bad times~

Isaac Dolce said...


aaronng: Bingo!!'s LG floor of mid valley+gardens..kaka..XD
Yea, good to camwhore,if you could avoid those hostile guards,haha..:D

ChloeChok said...